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Rural Electrification in Uganda: Buvuma

Kiregi, Namite and Lubya islands are found in Buvuma district (Lubya sub-county) off of Lake Victoria. According to the Uganda 2014 census, Lubya sub-county has a population of 6,679 people and 2,330 households. The key load centers on the islands are: health centres, schools, administrative centers, domestic households, shops, entertainment centers, barber shops, ice plants and fish drying machines. The key economic activities on the islands are fishing and trade.

Bakulu Power is developing three (3) solar hybrid mini-grids to supply power on these islands with support from the Rural Electrification Agency of Uganda.

Our Objectives and Goals are:
-to supply electricity to at least 2,300 connections;
-to create at least 9 direct jobs related to the power system and a many more through the availability of electricity;
-to improve the standards of living in Lubya sub-county.

Our productive use model aims at enhancing income generation opportunities and productivity in the district.


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Buvuma, Uganda

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