What is Bobab?

Bobab is a social enterprise dedicated to connecting science, tech and business professionals working in and for Africa.

We host innovative live streamed events.

We promote exciting projects.

And we enhance collaboration via our online community platform.

We exist to accelerate science and technology on the continent, showcasing the best commercial, academic and charitable innovation and the people and organisations making it happen.

Our Vision

An economically, environmentally and socially prosperous Africa, transformed by science and technology in one generation

Our Mission

To connect experts, accelerating scientific and technological collaboration and spotlighting the best commercial, academic and charitable innovators leading the transformation we seek


Because the people working in and for Africa are the continent’s greatest asset...

Because science and technology has to be at the heart of Africa’s continued development...

Because we need to prioritise African-led solutions to African challenges and opportunities...

Because it can be hard to find and connect with the people and organisation you need...

Because amazing things happen when passionate people come together.

What We Do

We IDENTIFY - we search for exciting innovations and collaborate with technology pioneers, identifying the challenges and opportunities defining development in Africa today, covering Agribusiness, Health, Urbanisation, WASH and Energy

We CONNECT - at out live-streamed event and via the Bobab platform, we bring experts together from around the world, enhancing cooperation and making it easy to gather, connect and collaborate

We EXPLORE - across the Bobab platform, we spotlight the best scientific, academic and commercial innovation and the people and organisations making it happen in and for Africa

Focus Areas

All of Bobab’s work covers five key pillars of development.

Agribusiness; Urbanisation; Public Health; Energy; and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

However, these areas do not function in isolation. So rather than looking at challenges and opportunities in silos, we apply a multi-disciplinary approach, working with diverse groups of stakeholders and experts to identify and explore the interdependency and crossover that exists between and amongst key development areas.

Within these areas, we address dozens of related topics and themes, including gender equality, cognitive computing and AI, education, climate change and fin-tech, space science and satellites, off-grid renewable energy, mental health and non-communicable diseases.