About Bobab

Bobab is an event streaming and peer-to-peer networking platform dedicated to connecting science, tech and business professionals working in and for Africa.

We design and host innovative online webinars and workshops, collaborating closely with partners to promote the best scientific, academic and commercial innovation happening on the ground in Africa.

Using our integrated solutions, we are able to manage your webinar or workshop from start to finish. And we have an online community of thousands of professionals passionate about innovation in Africa, waiting to tune into your event.

If you'd like to tap into our global community, we're here to support you in designing and delivering your next online event or series. Get in touch today!

Our Vision: An economically, environmentally and socially prosperous Africa, transformed by science and technology in one generation.

Our Mission: To connect experts, accelerating scientific and technological collaboration and spotlighting the best commercial, academic and charitable innovators leading the transformation we seek.

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