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With many African countries facing systemic, complex and interdisciplinary challenges, enhancing collaboration between the corporate and academic worlds has never been more important.

At Bobab, we exist to accelerate technology and innovation in Africa by bringing science and business professionals together in person and online, exploring challenges, promoting innovative solutions and enhancing collaboration.

Our solutions allow you to benefit from access to our growing global community of experts from business, academia, civil society and policy, all passionate about science-led development in Africa.

Collaborate with Bobab to create impactful events, webinars and campaigns
Harness the power of our global online community of professionals passionate about Africa
Benefit from an experienced team with a proven track record
Confirm your reputation as a knowledge-leader with events and webinars that create enduring dialogue and on-going collaboration via our online networking platform
Promote your organisation's commitment to science and tech-led development in Africa

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